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Géneral / Global / my hotend not hot
« le: 12 octobre, 2017, 03:21:02 am »
hi to all

suddenly my printer hotend not function mean not hot cool only
i replaced with new brand hotend still same, the thermistor ok no problem
the tip i hold by fingers then the temp reading up.


I upgrade my smartrapcore alu, adding heatbed
my problem is the heatbed not hot, how to enable in marlin


new design for my smartrapcore-alu 20x20 Z-axis, design base from Andreas.l wood type http://talk.smartfri.odns.fr/index.php?topic=539.0 a bit changes the design mounting, but not yet complete  :)

Géneral / Global / Build Smartrapcore-alu
« le: 29 février, 2016, 09:44:20 am »
3D printer makes me really excited to have one, for 2 weeks I find local suppliers to compare prices of all parts, is now ready to be installed, install the following BOM which is available at http://smartfriendz.com/smartrapcorealu-assemblydocumentation- V0.95.pdf. Now the problem is, according to the assembly documentation provided, I have been following what is in the assembly document (PDF), test X Y X, test Home, set Z Home, all of which have been completed and save settings stored (M500). Do X0 Y0 center of the bed? (My bed 200x200), What happens to my printer is X0 Y0 has moved to the right, do it the right way?

how to change home to center of bed, my print bed size 200x200
i'm using Pronterface/merlin

thank you

Hi to all friends

First time run after uploaded firmware to board, then just to play around using reprapdiscount smart controller to move X Y Z,
why when move X direction then Y also moving together . The gt2 belt fitting was followed BOM instruction.
How to change Z motor direction, move Z+ the motor go down Z-.

adam ian

Géneral / Global / Power supply 12v
« le: 25 février, 2016, 04:46:06 am »
I have old power supply adapter 3 wire one for 12v 1.5a, 1.5v 1.5a and ground.
My smartrapcore-alu follow the bom list, only i not use is heatbed,

Can i use the adapter for my printer?

Prints / Impressions / Upload firmware
« le: 22 février, 2016, 09:52:57 am »
Hi to all

I was build smartrapcore-alu type printer.
the firmware i was download from github https://github.com/smartfriendz/smartrapcore-alu .
i want upload to the board, it's need to modify any configuration? or just upload to board?

thank you
adam ian

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